DOX-Steel Fastener
with over 10,000 hours

The DOX coated nut shows the least average weight loss during the test period, with a weight loss of only 25% of the C276 - Hastealloy material, known for its corrosion resistance.

Carl Ziegler
Manager Fracture Mechanics
Element Materials Technology, formerly Stork SMT

What is DOX-Steel?

DOX-Steel Corrosion Proof Technology

DOX-Steel is a ASTM B994 SC 18 Class 1 nickel-cobalt alloy that is inter-diffused through electro-deposit processes in different steel substrates. DOX-Steel creates a covalent bond with the base metal of only ¾ thousandth of an inch. Interdiffusion is perfectly even in all base metal surfaces.

The result is a coating that has a tremendous capacity to resist highly corrosive environments at extremely high and low temperatures.

DOX-Steel ASTM B994 SC 18 Class 1 has a very negative hydrogen potential; therefore, it forms a noble galvanic corrosion when in contact with other metals. The resulting alloy is dense, flat, hard, highly reflective, and an excellent heat diffuser. It is also resistant to abrasion, has extraordinary electrical conductive properties, and has a very low friction coefficient.

DOX-Steel ASTM B994 SC 18 Class 1 compares to and exceeds the corrosion properties of super alloys such as inconel, hastelloy, and other special steel alloys.

DOX Fasteners

DOX-Fasteners are carbon steel fasteners coated with DOX-Steel alloy to protect them from corrosion.

DOX-Fasteners display the following outstanding properties: