Doxsteel Fasteners

Scientifically proven to be a safer and more cost-effective solution, Doxsteel Fasteners are the smart decision.

In industrial environments such as offshore platforms, all operations are held together by fasteners. With such a critical task resting on the shoulders of these simple machines, it is imperative for the industry to take ownership of how they are made and maintained in order to adapt to, overcome, and prevent corrosion.

Corrosion is the enemy of fasteners. Fasteners seize because oxide accumulates in the thread engagement between the fastener and the nut. When oxidation occurs, removing the fastener requires cutting, torching or grinding, a hard, expensive, and time consuming process known in the turnaround industry as a “death tax.” It requires either having workers operate in dangerous hot bolting conditions or risking the profitability of the company with a lengthy shutdown. In the worst circumstances, bolt failure can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Unfortunately, there is no way to make a fastener that will last forever. But while every bolt will eventually wear out, there are measures that can be taken at the beginning of its life to extend its life cycle.

Doxsteel Fasteners have been carefully designed through rigorous research and development to specifically address and conquer problems related to seizing in the fastener industry. We know firsthand what it’s like to face an unexpected battle with corrosion in a costly and potentially dangerous situation in the field during turnarounds, and have used that experience- coupled with years of research and development- to deliver a better fastener through a unique process that decreases variability to provide you with certainty that can only come from using the longest lasting fastener on the market.

20. 21. ZERO

Doxsteel Fasteners promise you three measurable benefits that no other fasteners can assure: heavy cost savings, scientifically proven resistance to corrosion, and enhanced safety for your turnaround team.

We often symbolize these benefits with our three important statistics:

20x ROI

With a safer and more predictable turnaround cycle, you can count on our fasteners to return cost savings in time and labor at least 20 times over. Our upfront costs are consistently competitive; our long-term savings for our customers are completely unparalleled.

21 Years of Fastener Life

The materials and process we use lead to a probable fastener life of 21 years. Our warranty guarantees your fasteners will not seize for five years, which is an offer no other company in the world has ever made.

?See our warranty information.

ZERO Hot Bolting Required

The elimination of hot bolting is a revolution in fastener technology. Hot bolting terrifies turnaround teams and causes balance sheets to bleed, risking both the personal and economic health of your employees and your company. Since Doxsteel Fasteners allow you to schedule maintenance with certainty, they make hot bolting extinct, completely altering the way we think about turnarounds and maintenance.

?Learn more about turnaround managers’ true feelings about hot bolting and the steps we take to eliminate it as a process for our customers.

Complying with the Specifications of the Future

All Doxsteel Fasteners comply with API 20E standards and ASTM specifications during manufacturing and preparation for coating. API 20E requires that fastener companies keep documentation to prove compliance so companies can identify bolt failure and can trace the failed bolt back to its heat load and coating batch.

To make sure that our bolts are traceable from the very beginning, we purchase them by the heat load and conduct our own exhaustive Material Test Report (MTR). Our MTR will tell you the chemical composition of the bolt you purchased, its mechanical properties, and information about the coating. The part itself is stamped with a number that will trace it to its heat load.

?Learn more about the traceability of our fasteners and coating.

Anyone who works with steel-manufactured parts knows that an MTR is vital to understanding how the part will operate when put to work, which is why we retest every heat load we purchase to compare to its manufacturer’s MTR. This equips us with the information we need to care for our bolts before coating, control all of the coating application variables, and conduct our FELT test.

?Learn more about these specifications and how we make sure Doxsteel Fasteners are the safest in the industry

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